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The first show of Ratibor Goldie

The International Cat Show on RUI system was held in Simferopol on the 10-11th of March 2018.

It was the first show for our graduate Ratibor Goldie.

She has a marvelous and very rare color – blue golden tabby point with white (bright gold and excellent type). Goldie got the 4th best in the ring of the expert Olga Grebneva and received the title Junior Champion.

The results of the show can be seen on the website of ICFA RUI.

We congratulate our golden girl on successful debut!

Ratibor Freya, the title Champion

The International Cat Show on RUI system (Simferopol, 10-11 March, 2018).

The first examinations in adult class were held for our cat Ratibor Freya. It got excellent points from the experts and received the title Champion. Of course, it was hard for it to compete with its elder brother Yakov. But still, those are good results!

We congratulate Freya on its first adult title!

The TOP 10 Cats

The International Cat Show on RUI system was held in Simferopol on the 10-11th of March 2018.

Our graduate Ratibor Yakov was the star of the show again! All experts included Yakov in the Top 10 Cats and by the results of the show Yakov took the second place in the adult class among all animals. You can see the report on the website ICFA RUI.

We congratulate Yakov on having risen in the rating of the results of show season!


In February there was the international cat show on the WCF system in Simferopol.

Our graduate Ratibor Yakov showed the great results!

BEST of BEST I, Best Adult SS, Best of Breed SS, nominations for Bests, 2nd and 8th places in WCF-ring.

Our sincere congratulations to Yakov and his owners!

The second place of WCF-ring

International WCF Cat Show (Simferopol, 17-18 February 2018).

For the first time our female kitten Ratibor Freya took part in the cat show.

As a result of the exhibition Freya was nominated for the Bests and took second place in WCF-ring Junior.

We are glad that such a beauty remains in our cattery!

Budapest WCF World Show

In February 2018, our graduate Torin Ratibor took part in another international cat show (Budapest, the capital of Hungary).

And also, as previously, showed excellent results: 2x GCACE, 2x NOM, 2x BIS.

Our congratulations to Torin and his owners!

Belgrade WCF World Show

January 13-14, 2018. There was the International Cats Show 'MEOW FEST' in Belgrade, Serbia.

Our graduate Torin Ratibor (Neva Masquerade cat, 'blue tabby point with white' colour) took part in the show, in adult cat class.

His results are 2xEx1, 2xCAGCE, Best opposite Sex Adult SLH, 2xnom BIS, Best of Best III, Best Adult SLH.

Grand International Champion

December 23-24, Simferopol. There was an International Cat Show on the ICFA RUI system.

According to the results of this cat show, our graduate Ratibor Yakov entered the top 10 Cats of the show and was included into TOP 100 Cats rating.

Ratibor Yakov has also closed the title Grand International Champion.

Congratulations to Yasha and his charming owner Irina!


November, 2017. There was the International Cat Show "EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW" (EUR-030) in Minsk. This show was organized by the Felita BFC.

The experts on the show were Balchiunas Tomas (Lithuania), Zaalov Victor (Israel), Pilatova Nadezhda (Belarus), Tarasenko Tatyana (Belarus).

At EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW our cattery graduate Ratibor Xania was successfully represented. She got the following results: BEST of BEST opposite sex SLH, nom BIS.

Once again, we congratulate our sunny golden kitty and its owners!

CAT SHOW (Cherkassy)

RUI Cat Show - HALLOWEEN. XXI Open Ukraine Championship, season 2017-2018, Cherkassy. October 28-29, 2017

As a result of the show, our graduate kitten Ratibor Yakov entered the top ten cats of the show (TOP 100 Cats rating), and also closed the title of International Champion.

Our congratulations to Yasha on his successful career!

Cat Show (Kharkov)

The International Cat Show, XXI Open Ukrainian Championship in Kharkov, season 2017-2018.

Our girl Ratibor Vasilisa picked up the expertises for the title of Euro Champion, her son Freyer was included in the 10 Best Kittes of the show.

Ratibor Carmen (Champion)

23-24 september, Simferopol. The International Cat Show, ICFA RUI.

By the results of this show our golden spotted beauty Ratibor Carmen closed her first title, the title of Champion.

CAT SHOW (Simferopol)

The International Cats Show (ICFA RUI) in Simferopol. 23-24 september, 2017.

By the results of this cats show our graduate Ratibor Yakov was included in the top 10 Cats of the show (raiting TOP 100 Cats) and closed his first title, the title of Champion.

Vasilisa, title GICH

In the begining of September there was the International Cats Show in Odessa (XXI Open Championship of Ukraine, 2017-2018).

By the results of this show our graduate Ratibor Vasilisa closed Grand International Champion and her kittens got the worthy estimates by the experts.

CAT SHOW (Odessa)

2-3 September, 2017. Odessa, Ukraine.

The International Cats Show, XXI Open Championship of Ukraine, 2017-2018.

By the results of this show our graduate-cat Ratibor Lana closed title Grand International Champion.

Ratibor XANIA, title BOS Junior

April, 2017. There was the international cats show "Top Cat Belarus-2017" in the Republic Palace, Minsk. The show was organized by BFTs "Felita".

The experts were Balchiunas Tomas (Lithuania), Ghisi Cesare (Italy), Pilatova Nadezda (Belarus), Tarasenko Tatjana (Belarus).

Also at the show there was the awarding of cats who received the highest score in the national rating of Top Cat in 2016.

Our graduate XANIA Ratibor successfully debuted at the show. According to the results: BEST OPPOSITE SEX Junior SLH.

Congratulations to our sunny golden kitty and her owners!

Best Longhair Female Cat

February, 2017. There was the international cats show in Poltava, Ukraine.

According to the results our golden traditional siberian girl Vasilisa was twice nominated to the BEST SHOW and got the title of the Best longhair female of the show.

Our congratulations to Vasilisa and her owner with excellent results!

WCF Cat Show in Serbia

In the begining of February, 2017 there was the International Cat Show (WCF) in Serbia.

In the adult class was showen the graduate from our cattery Torin Ratibor (Neva Masquerade male cat, blue tabby point with white).

His results are 2xEX1, 2xCACIB, 2xNOM, 3rd place and 4th place WCF Adult ring.