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Ratibor Filimon (title The Best Neuter) is presented in the article "Neva Masquerade Cat: Keeping and Care" on the website wwww.zooclub.ru.

And again photos of our cats on the website of internet — encyclopedia about animals Zoo club. You can see our cat Serafima (title Grand International Champion) and the article "What Should Be Asked Choosing Neva Masquerade Kitten?".

Here are some more articles about Neva Masquerade cats on the website of internet — encyclopedia about animals Zooclub in which photos of our graduates and cats of Ratibor Cattery are presented.

The graduate of our cattery Ratibor Filimon (title the Best Neuter) is presented.

The cat of our cattery Christian Barselit of Ratibor (title the Breed Winner, the Ukrainian Winner, Euro Champion) can be seen.

You can enjoy the photo of charming kittens from the litter E (title the Best Litter).

Another article to help the future owner of Neva Masquerade kitten: "Neva Masquerade Cat: Purchasing of a Kitten". On the photo is our graduate Ratibor Diana (title the Best Litter, Grand International Champion).