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Again, our cattery is at the screen. This time we are guests of program "The morning Cocktail". In the studio is the owner of the cattery Anna Popova and the kitten Feya.

How do you get ready for appearing of the kitten in the house? What should be bought at once? (tray, filler, dishes, scratching- stone). You’ll find out all about it in the program "Shuba Dooba Zoo" on the channel CHTRK. The owner of the cattery "Ratibor" tells all about it. Kittens Ratibor Jasmine and Ratibor Iton are in the studio.

The program "Shuster LIFE. Adrenalin" is on the First National Channel.
The cat Ratibor Germiona is ‘the star of the screen’ …. Just for few seconds)

We’ll talk about Neva Masquerade cats, how to get ready for the cat show and a few words about Ratibor Cattery.
TV program "Shuba Dooba Zoo" is on the channel CHTRK.

The catalogue "The cats of Russia 2014" has been published recently. The information about the best representatives of different breeds is presented in this edition. The cat from our cattery Christian Barselit has joined the list of the best.

An article about Neva Masquerade breed has been published in monthly magazine "Bagira". The author of the article is the owner of the cattery "Ratibor". Graduates of our cattery are presented on the photos.

An article about the breed, character and other information is presented on the website "Zooclub". Graduate of our cattery, Ratibor Filimon is on the photo.

Neva Masquerade kittens from our cattery are at their new home. Our graduate, Ratibor Germiona entertains new owners playing with her reflection in the mirror.