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Ratibor Cattery is engaged in breeding of Neva Masquerade and Traditional Siberian cats. More information about this breed of cats you can read on the page About breed; or you can look at our cats and kittens in the sections Cats and Kittens on our web-site.



Our kittens for you

Now there is available only one Traditional Siberian kitten in our cattery: Quessa, Litter Q.

She is the charming 'black spotted tabby with white' girl.

Very playful and affectionate kitten! Quessa is offered as for breeding, and just for love and comfort.

Also we are waiting for the Neva Masquerade kittens in January, 2019.

The farther of our kittens is our cat Christian:
Breed Winner, RUW (Rolandus Union Winner), Euro Champion.

Christian's children from previous litters have left our cattery and dispersed all over the world. Now they participate in breeding work of catteries in different countries: Russia, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine, etc.


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Show results, 2017/2018

The International Cat Show on ICFA RUI system was held in Simferopol on the 29-30th of September, 2018. This show was very pleasant for us!

Both our kittens, Ratibor Martin and Ratibor Nazareth were nominated for the Best Show and now are included in TOP 100 Kittens. Besides this, Ratibor Martin became the Best Kitten on the ring-show by Anna Bondarenko.

Our adult female cat Asya closed her next title, the title of Grand International Champion.

But the main news is the next!

Our graduate, Ratibor Yakov received the title of Breed Winner, was included in the TOP 100 Cats and also became Ukrainian Winner by the Year ICFA RUI Show result, 2017/2018!

Those are amazing results! Our great congratutions!


There is a small video story about our traditional Siberian kitten, Lucifer. Chic breed qualities and very affectionate nature!
This kitten is available for sale.

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CAT SHOW! It is so wonderful!

On pages We & Show you can see the news about our cats' and kittens' success at different cats shows. The information is renewing.

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Media about us

Last year there was a great interview with Ratibor Cattery breeder in Russian magazine «Friend (for the cat fanciers)». We were speaking about cattery’s history and about our development plans.

International Cat Fancier's Association RUI Yearbook (results of the cats show season 2014/2015). Our cattery's main cat Christian got two titles at once: Breed Winner title and Rolandus Union Winner title (twenty of the best cats of all breeds by the results of the last year). Both titles are life-long and are indicated in pedigree documents.

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