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About Siberian Breed

For the first time the beauty of the Siberian cats with an unusual Siamese color and wonderful bright blue eyes was noticed and appreciated in St.Petersburg (Russia). The breed was named 'Neva Masquerade' in honor of the city on the Neva River.

These cats are gentle and affectionate creatures, very patient with children and happy to take part in children's games.

They like to be noticed, they are sociable and curious: if you do something, they are always there, trying to "help" or watching you, they easily win your love with their mind and charm.

They never show vindictiveness if they are punished "for work", but, like the cats with a sense of their own dignity, they want a respectful attitude towards themselves.

The Siberian cats are sometimes so huge that they are more similar in size to lynx than to the ordinary cats. Even more similarity is attached with charming tassels on the ears.

Unlike many breeds, Siberians cats have strong health, high immunity and easily cared fur. These cats (like the Maine Coon) become adult quite late: at about five years, and their life can reach twenty years!


Without allergies!

It is worth noting that cats of Siberian breed, in spite of their chic fur, do not cause allergies.

Scientists have found out that an allergy agent is in the saliva of the animal: it is all the fault of the protein particles that the cats leave on the fur during washing.

The studies have shown that the Siberian cats don’t produce this protein at all, or it is produced in a very small quantity!

We hope you will also appreciate and love this breed!